Returned to You is operated by Anne Reinhart who has over eighteen years experience in the delinquent accounts field.

Her love for debt collection began when she was employed by a payday loan company; believing that everyone should pay back their loan as agreed, she went after them with vigor and determination.  Her efforts paid off when she became collection manager for ten offices (giving her plenty to do!) She learned to obtain judgments, perform debtor's exams, garnish wages and bank accounts, attach liens, but more simply just call and ask for the money.  When the company began operating against her beliefs, she resigned to stay home with her four children.

She began working at a doctor's office part-time in accounts receivable giving her opportunity to collect on accounts again.  Then, while still working at the doctor's office she began to work at a utility company part-time.  This allowed her to keep her skills fresh and also learn to work with collection agencies.

After obtaining a business degree from Northwest State Community College and while attending Defiance College, she decided to open her own collection agency; hence, Returned To You was born!

At Returned To You, each of the debtors that we collect from are treated with consideration and respect.  We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people; accordingly, we like to offer solutions to work with them to resolve their accounts with us.

“Creditors have better memories than debtors.” 
― Benjamin Franklin

Our Story