Our Services


We collect on most types of accounts including medical, utility, retail, and service.  We are here to get your money Returned To You.  Simply submit the information to us and we will take care of the rest.  There is no upfront cost to you.

Letter Service

Sometimes companies like to keep their clients but need help in collecting on their growing accounts receivables.  We will send a series of letters out to the company's client asking them to submit payment to the company.  This is a great alternative to sending company's clients to collections.  If however, there is no response from the letters, the company may want to consider turning the account into a collection account.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is the process of locating a debtor that seems to have disappeared.  Without doubt, it is nearly impossible to collect on a debt if you cannot find a debtor.  We use debtor locating services to find the debtor so that we can notify them to inform them of their outstanding debt with the company or person that the debtor owes.

Judgment Recovery

Often times someone obtains a judgment against a debtor but for whatever reason the debtor does not pay; accordingly, in the end the creditor only ends up with a piece of paper.  A judgment that was awarded in Ohio prior to June 2, 2004 is enforceable for 21 years, those awarded after June 2, 2004 can be enforced for up to 10 years.  Generally, the creditor is awarded interest in addition to the amount awarded.  Whether you are an individual or a company we can help you.

Check Collection

When a business receives a check that has been rejected by the bank due to insufficient funds, account closed, stop payment, or some other reason, we can help collect on that returned check.  A returned check can be collected on for up to three years in Ohio; however, the debtor would still owe the business even after the three years for the service/product that the debtor originally submitted payment to purchase.